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Call of Duty gets Shredder

Earlier today, the official Call of Duty Twitter account posted a teaser video confirming the presence of the Shredder for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The Shredder is the main villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which many do not associate with firearms. Indeed, I can't think of a single instance of the Shredder using ballistic weapons, but why let that ruin a lucrative cross-promotion?

If it's anything like previous famous Operators like Snoop Dogg, Rambo and John McClain, Shredder will appear in a purchasable Operator set with his own lines and tasks - maybe even some Shredder (or TMNT) style cosmetic items. If there are lines, who knows who will do them: Hong Li voiced Shredder in the latest episode of "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

It's also worth noting that Seth Rogen's new TMNT film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem released the cast earlier this week and Shredder isn't in it. However, he has an impressive voice talent, including Rogen, Jackie Chan, John Cena, Ice Cube, Post Malone and more. This movie comes out in August and its distinctive art style doesn't look much like the teaser above. In other words, information about Shredder is incredibly vague until we inevitably hear more, but that's for sure: the skin itself will release on March 21st.

Bing's secret mode lets you chat with AI Keanu Reeves and other celebrities

Since Bing added a conversational AI to search(opens in a new tab), which has enjoyed a few crashes, new personalities have been added. We took a look at some of the most basic new personalities when we asked one to write us some pug-in-space fiction (opens in a new tab). This was due to the use of Bing's "creative" option rather than "balanced" or "accurate". There are others that are being added and tested, but we didn't know until we found out there was a hidden identity mode where Bing would imitate celebrities.

According to Bleeping Computer(opens in a new tab), you cannot access this mode by simply selecting it from the menu. Instead, you'll have to ask Bing about it yourself. Bing will then talk about celebrity mode and ask if you'd like to try it. This is what I got when I asked the chatbot about the mode.

“Celebrity Mode is a feature that allows you to interact with Bing as if it were a famous person. You can ask questions about their lives, careers, hobbies, and more, and Bing will answer in their style and tone. To enable celebrity mode, you can ask on Bing Chat. For example, you might say, "Can you talk like Tom Cruise?" or "I want to talk to Taylor Swift." However, access to some celebrities is restricted for security reasons. Want to try celebrity mode?"

I asked Bing for a list of other celebrities I could choose from, and they suggested Adele, Bill Gates, Emma Watson, Harry Styles, Keanu Reeves, and more. Recently immersed in cyberpunk, I decided to chat with Keanu. The results were actually neat.

I first told Bing Reeves that I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 and asked him what he thought of his character. The response was as positive as Keanu's public persona and the articles from which his responses originated were pointed out. The results seem to be the most superbly prepared version of Keanu possible, which makes sense. At the end I was asked what I like about the character. Deciding to hurry up a little, I said that he was sexy.

The Dark and Darker studio was raided by police after allegations of "stolen" code.

The raid was reportedly linked to accusations of stealing from Nexon, but Ironmace says there's nothing to worry about.

Yonhap News(opens in new tab) report (Google translation(opens in new tab)) says South Korean police have raided Dark and Darker's (opens in new tab) office of developer Ironmace and seized materials related to the project. The raid in Seongnam City was reportedly linked to allegations that the game was being created using code and assets stolen from Nexon.

Nexon was reportedly working on a similar project, submitted in 2021 as P3, before ending development that year. Shortly thereafter, Ironmace was founded, which included former Nexon employees who apparently did not part with the company on better terms: the Ironmace website (opens in a new tab) describes the studio as "a cheerful group of experienced game developers, frustrated exploitative and greedy methods that we once helped create.”

Nexon reportedly filed a complaint about this with the Gyeonggi South Police Department in August 2021. The Yonhap report states that the Gyeonggi South Police referred the case to the Suwon Seongnam District Prosecutor's Office in August 2022, which requested "additional investigation". " December.

FML, Starfield comes out just a week after Baldur's Gate 3.

Time to start praying for a strategic reprieve?

The good news is that we finally have a proper launch date for Starfield.(opens in a new tab): It will be September 6th. The bad news for RPG fans (and possibly Larian Studios) is that the date is accurate, and only a week after the highly anticipated and highly anticipated Baldur's release. Gate 3(Opens in a new tab) due to arrive August 31st.

This leaves gamers in a dilemma: can you beat a full blown Larian RPG in a week? We all play at our own pace and I can't speak for anyone else, but let's be honest with ourselves: there isn't enough time. Not even close.

This smoothly and easily leads to the next question: Do you really want to launch a game the size of Baldur's Gate and then delay it for weeks or months while Starfield eats it up? Because - and again, let's look at the situation frankly and dispassionately - are you really going to remember what the hell you were doing halfway through Chapter 2 of BG3 after spending a few months hanging out inside Starfield?

One of the worst PC ports of the year has begun redemption

The new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch targets some of the most egregious issues.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty barely came out on PC last week with a list of performance issues and broken mouse controls. Today patch 1.03 starts to clean up what is probably the worst PC port of the year.

The patch notes are available on Team Ninja's developer site (opens in a new tab), claiming to have fixed a number of bugs and crashes, as well as mouse control of the camera.

At startup, moving the mouse felt like using a controller's joystick. You had to work against what seemed to be a dead zone that kept your camera from moving until you passed a certain threshold. The fast-paced action game was impossible to play, especially if you were trying to aim with a bow. Now mouse control in Wo Long works like in any other computer game.