Ten Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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I’m on a quest for long, thick, shiny, beautiful healthy hair. I want my hair to grow quickly, thick and healthy. Who doesn’t?!

I have compiled a list of my top ten things that I have been doing the last few weeks or plan to do. It’s working already! I have skipped the obvious like don’t use hot styling tools too often or over-process your hair. Drum roll. Here’s my top ten:

1. Take a biotin supplement for faster growth.

2. Do not wash hair every day. Consider only wetting it or just using a conditioner if you like to get your hair wet like me.

3. Wash in cool water. Now I have a hard time with this one. But cooler water is best. I try to at least end with cool water since I love a hot shower!

4. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Costco’s Kirkland brand is sulfate-free and so is Loreal. Just look at the ingredient list – if sulfate is in there – skip. Why? Sulfate is a chemical that thickens shampoo and makes a richer lather. That chemical is said to dry hair.

5. Use apple cider vinegar as a rinse one in awhile. It balances pH levels making hair smoother and removes buildup. Dilute it with equal parts water and pour over hair, wait a minute, then rinse well. Now I did this in the evening and I smelled like salad for awhile. But, when I woke in the morning, my hair had no vinegary smell, no scent at all.

6. Sleep on a satin or silk pillow case. This helps with breakage and tangling.

7. Use coconut oil as an intense conditioner. I bought mine in the cooking oil section of my grocery store, LouAna 100% pure coconut oil. It’s odorless, though I do like the smell of coconut. I haven’t used it as an intense conditioner yet, but I have rubbed a dime size amount into my fingertips and used on my dry hair to help smooth my hair and that has worked great, too.

8. Use a comb with wider spacing between its teeth when hair is wet. This helps keep most of your hair on your head.

9. Brush dry hair often with boars bristle brush. This stimulates the scalp and distributes oils.

10. Cut hair less, no more than 4 times per year, every 3 months. This gives it time to grow, yet don’t neglect a trim for too long and leave your hair looking unhealthy.

That’s it! Healthier hair awaits!