Weekday Mornings with Kids

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Mom’s weekday morning bustle
Irritable, impatient,
Encouraging, nagging, reprimanding
Breakfast, teeth, shoes, and backpack
Departing, worrying, longing
Quiet, peaceful
Mom’s weekday morning serenity

I wrote a diamanté this morning to express how this and many mornings feel! My boys are newly four and six and a half. I still haven’t got it down to where the morning routine is breezy and easy! The oldest is slow as a turtle, but if it’s Donuts with Dads day in the morning, he is dressed an hour ahead and has time to draw a cute picture on the chalkboard with donuts, dad, and himself. If he can play on some sort of technology when he is ready ahead, he picks up the pace. My youngest is stubborn and wants to take control of whatever part of the situation he can, but if he has something yummy to eat to look forward to in the car or feels he is winning and getting his way somehow, he will concede to going to the bathroom or putting down the Legos. I think if I really work it and use what makes them tick, I can make mornings not so hit or miss and have a more peaceful start to each day. Project, successful mornings has begun.