Politics and Facebook

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Some of my Facebook friends are really getting political in their FB posts. What is the goal with all these posts? Is it to inform, to educate, to retaliate? Religion and politics are touchy subjects and can alienate people passionate about their beliefs, but we have to be empathic and realize, not all Republicans or Democrats are awful human beings. There are rational views on both sides. Yes, it is possible in both cases.

Our aim should be to understand and respect each other by truly listening to each others’ beliefs and not just to slander one another. We all pick a group that we most fit with or choose not to choose as that is still a decision. But, not everyone that is a Democrat fits the stereotypes Republicans have for them.  Not every Republican fits the stereotypes that Democrats have for them. There are rational, good people on both sides of the spectrum. We are blessed to live in a country where we can voice our views, but when it is with hatred and retaliation in mind — it is just unnecessary. It is not that I want to quiet people, we need a voice to speak up when change is due. I just want us to focus on issues, not on defamation and stereotyping.