Letters to My Sons

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To my dear 6 1/2 year old son,

I want you to believe in yourself and never to sell yourself short. I want you to keep your silly, goofy, jokester side, but know when it is time to be serious. Sometimes you have a hard time turning off the sillies. I want you to learn to play an instrument well. I want you to exercise and eat healthy foods, but not to worry about being the best at sports, just try for your personal best and please, TRY. You have been struggling with sports, but you have time to get better and if you aren’t one of the better players on the team–who cares? Very few make it as professional athletes anyway as adults. Make good choices so that you attract others that make good choices, like your little brother. Know that you are loved, loved, loved. I am sorry for all the mistakes I am making. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! You are so, so smart. Those brains you were born and blessed with! I wish you knew how smart you are. I admire you. You are my hero. I know you are capable of making a great contribution to the world with your equally big heart and brain! You say you want to be an inventor and I think you’d be perfect for that.

Love you,

To my dear newly 4 year old son,

I want you to be patient and be okay with not understanding things right away—don’t get angry when you don’t know the answers—you’ll get to them with patience.  I want you to take risks and trust. Dive in the water. You are such a charmer. You know how to make me melt to pieces. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You want to know everything already and get frustrated when you have to learn from another bearer of knowledge. You are so independent. You are passionate and fiery. You don’t dole out hugs and love very easily to others, but you give me so much love making up for all the love not bestowed upon others. Share your love with others and let yourself be loved by others. You tend to store it all up for Mommy and some caring visitors feel deprived, longing for some of that attention. I love you so much! You can be stubborn, but I think that will serve you well. You say you want to be a builder. I think whatever you end up wanting in life you’ll go after with a passion and tenacity.