Relax and Breathe

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I forget to breathe sometimes. When I feel like I’m rushed or I’m nervous, I hold my breath. I do it a lot and it doesn’t feel good. Now that I’ve noticed that I do this, I am trying to remember to relax and take deep breaths when I get frazzled or I’m running late. I find it strange that I am so often holding my breath and how often I feel rushed and anxious. Being as prepared as possible helps, letting go of fitting in that last errand, and giving plenty of cushion time to outsmart those tantrums the kiddo so serendipitously has the times I need him to cooperate most.

It isn’t good to hold our breath. Breathing deeply lessens anxiety, hence we have meditation and yoga. An article from Psychology Today’s website stated, “Chronic breath holding and effortful breathing are not healthy because the muscular effort, coupled with the effects of stress on the nervous, hormonal, and immune systems, can impair both physical and psychological function.” Taking time to relax and de-stress is important and letting the little things go. I need to put exercise, a coffee date with a friend, and planning that family beach trip on that to do list and take a few things off that don’t need to be there.