My Husband is a Super Hero

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He’s Handy
Shhh…Don’t tell him I wrote this, but my husband is a rock star. He can fix anything. I don’t need a handyman ever. Air conditioner is broken; he’ll fix it and then fix the neighbor’s AC, too. Have a plumbing leak? He’ll fix it and patch and paint so that the leak never happened. Breaks are out on the car or oil needs changing, he can do it. He can build anything. New play set for kids, he’ll build it down to buying and sanding the lumber from Home Depot and getting the individual pieces like slide and swing at PlayNation. He did it, and then did it again for a friend as a favor. He has laid hardwood floors beautifully, put up crown molding, and built tall scaffolding to paint the foyer himself. Need to remodel the kitchen? He can do it.

He Can Cook
I mean he can really cook. Filet mignon cooked to perfection waiting till it’s the perfect temperature from pan to oven. He can bake, smoke, and fry a turkey perfectly. His fried and grilled mahi mahi tacos with homemade cilantro slaw are so good. Oh, and did I mention his smoked salmon? It’s so, so scrumptious.

He’s A Finance and News Junkie

He is so logical and smart with our finances. He has kept since I’ve been his partner the most detailed, organized spreadsheets that lay out our future goals as we steadily continue to tick off each one. Want to know what we paid for water and electricity last December? He can tell you. Want to know what’s going on in the stock market? He can tell you. Didn’t have time to watch the news this morning? He’ll give you a brief synopsis and his two cents.

He’s A Techie
Did I mention that he is a technical genius? He can rebuild a computer from scratch and has for me and for family members several times. Kid banged off a couple keys on your keyboard, he’ll repair it. Laptop screen cracked? He’ll repair it. Need help with anything technical? He can do it. He is the least geeky engineer and I’m sure the most handsome in the room and the most knowledgeable. He always finds the best deals for us and negotiates to make them even better.

He’s A Safety Net
He’s fair. He’s loyal. He’s humble. He’s generous and there to help friends and family in need. He’s the kind of guy you want there to help, the kind with the answers and knowledge. Not just a hug, a blanket and a meal, which is great, but with a plan to get you on your feet again. He’s the one you lean into and sigh with relief that he’s there for you. I really think he is a super hero, but shhhh, don’t tell him I said so. He does have his various forms of kryptonite, but a partner never reveals her fellow super hero’s Achilles’ heel.