Happiness is…

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Happiness is…
Laughter, mine and from my children, family, and friends
The exchange of kindness and humor
Playing with my children
My children playing nicely together
Watching my husband and children playing together
A romantic date with my husband
A fun night out or weekend away with friends and family
My family contributing in the chores of the household
The dishwasher emptied, trash taken out, laundry done, and beds made
Or leaving the beds unmade, chores undone and p.j.s on
Pride in the strength and love of my family
Having and meeting goals that challenge and interest me
Working to my potential
Going shopping and finding something I love for a deal
Sipping a nice cup of hot tea or coffee
Time alone curled up, absorbed in an engaging book
A long chat on the phone with a dear friend
A fresh, delicious, hot meal in good company
A vacation to look forward to around the corner
Jogging through and taking in the area on vacation in the early morning
Watching a perfect sunset at the beach to its finale
Going for a swim in warm waters
The feel of breathing in deeply in the beautiful outdoors
Sledding down a snowy hill
Going for hike to reach a spot with a stunning view
Feeling like I’m living life to the fullest and with gratitude.