Evaluating My Parenting Style, Part III

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It occurred to me today what success means with my kids at home and with my students. My focus has always been on teaching and loving kids, as well as providing enriching experiences. But, discipline should be the main focus above all else, building character. I should focus more on putting rules in place and being solid about what happens when they are broken.

It can be hard to stay calm and in control in chaos. As parents/teachers, we get tired, overwhelmed. Yet, all we have to do make a plan and fully commit to it. Otherwise all we end up doing is blowing hot air.

Planned consequences cannot be a threat. What are we prepared to do? Did we communicate that firmly? Then fully commit. We need to be that constant, predictable leader for our kids. .

We can still plan great lessons, show them love, and provide them with rich experiences. We can still be silly with them. In fact, they need silly time to get to be kids. But, all that comes so much easier once we have discipline in place.

They need to be trained to be independent. As a parent, it is my responsibility to teach them how to bathe, brush their teeth, floss, dress, tie their shoes, get a drink, make healthy snack choices, and so on. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to give them appropriate work and give them the skills and tools to get their work done without me hovering over them.

I’ve thought: they need to be decent at sports, learn to play an instrument, and get good grades. But, when I really think about what makes up a good person; it’s their behavior. I need to be clear myself and with them what I value as most important.

Learning to be good people with self-monitoring skills and being contributing members to their family and to the groups they are a part of in society is most important to me.

I have been making sure my husband and I are on the same page with discipline. We remind each other of our plan when the kids start to drive us crazy.

My almost Pre-K (four year old) son is doing better with his behavior, but not yet a success with the goals I have in place for him. I have clear goals and consequences. I do timed, time-outs a minute per his age. I still have work to do.

There is no need for Super Nanny. Let’s put our capes on…Super Mommy/ Daddy is ready to step up with a plan of action. I’ll try my best not to fall off the wagon and stay committed to our discipline plan. I think that will go a long way towards me not feeling on some days like I should be “committed.”