A Mother’s Bedtime Story

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A tired mother longs for rest
Her husband long boarded his flight
For his workweek away

The laundry is clean
Dishwasher emptied
Pans from dinner washed

Children bathed
She sips wine
As she manages their bickering

Their teeth brushed
And flossed
Their pajamas on

They, playful and silly
She, exasperated
They select their bedtime books
And argue who goes first

They cozy up to her
As she reads between yawns
“One more,” they beg
“No, Mommy is tired,” she replies

Goodnight hugs and kisses
She unravels from their arms
And crawls into her bed

Not even undressed
Make-up still on
Teeth unbrushed, unflossed
A tired mother rests.