So, You Want to Get Lucky? :)

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


I have been procrastinating on my big fish lately, you know, the important stuff. It’s so easy for me to stay busy with life and put the more meaty stuff that takes more focus on the back burner. I have a test to study for that is coming up in about a month. It is not something I have to do, but something that will broaden my career opportunities. I have to get some other preparations in order for potential opportunities and give myself some personal deadlines. If I want to get lucky, I have to be ready and able to perform! I went there again… It’s not me, it’s the guy who coined the phrase “Get Lucky” or maybe it’s Daft Punk, good song by the way. Take a listen. When you are finished, go get yourself prepared for that opportunity, whatever it may be. 🙂