Family Funnies

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Two of this week’s funniest moments from my house to yours:

#1 Grumpy Husband

My husband was grumpy almost all day the other day! The boys and I were feeling tense in his presence. He came downstairs all dramatic saying that it was the worst day ever and ticked off every little thing we were and life was doing annoy him. I had had it!

I say in my best broadcaster voice, “And the winner, the all time champ, numero uno, grumpiest man of the day is…drumroll…Daddy! Give him a round of applause boys!” The boys and I clapped, cheered, and laughed. He finally lightened up. Then he said he was trying to loose weight and hadn’t had any bread and that was affecting his temperament.

My oldest son said, “Daddy, eat some bread, please.” My husband devoured some bread sloppily with ecstatic moans of delight in each bite. We all laughed. He was somehow happy the rest of the day. I’m not sure whether it was the bread or the family laughs that altered his grumpy state of mind.

#2 Are you Rich?
My husband (again, he and my oldest son are obviously the funniest in the family) walks into a downtown building for a work-related meeting in his suit. He met another suit in the lobby.

The suit looked at him and said, “Hi. You wouldn’t happen to be Rich?”

My husband answered, “No sorry, I’m not.” He paused slightly then added, “But, I’m working really hard at it.” They both had a good laugh.

photo credit: MichaelKuhn_pics via photopin cc