Bonding with Bonchinche

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Bonding with bonchinche
A pastime unnecessary
And juicy personal tidbits
About private affairs

Revealing all
As a witness
To mistakes and misfortune
No inner circle too sacred

Then she and she
Provide links in the chain
Spreading the gossip train

For what
A reaction?
A connection?
To be the center of attention?

Bonding with bonchinche
Not a true connection
Would you want the one
You are gossiping about
To hear you?

Would you want another
To tell of your own
Most personal mishap?
And perhaps embellish
For effect

Making you seem
So much smaller
Almost insignificant

The story told
More important
Than you or her

Do you want to build
A bad reputation for another?
Or create bonds based solely
On bad bonchinche?

Bond with life lessons
True stories of inspiration
Be witty and humorous
Be genuine and good

Bonds worth building
Are not based
On bad bonchinche.

image credit: Beth Dahleen, acronym source: unknown (please share if known)