Where the Labyrinth Leads

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I discovered were all roads
Of the labyrinth lead
Some have just one way in
But in this one
There are many entrances

I chose one path
Without much

Others journeyed another route
We thought we were
In a maze

The paths were slow
And winded us back out
Just as we thought we were
Arriving at our destination

We each had our doubts
Had we mistakenly
Chosen the wrong path?

Some gave up
Assuming their way
Had misguided them

Others had more patience
And stayed focused
Clearing their minds of doubt
Reflecting along their roads

Each of us
With a hope
And a prayer
That we would
Find our way in

Those that persevered
Every access
Leads us
To the center

On our own
Individual courses
We can all arrive.

Pictures taken in Serenbe, GA from the description of the labyrinth found there and of the rock labyrinth itself by Beth Dahleen.