Ten Things I am Grateful for Right Now

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  1. An ah-ha moment…I have never taken criticism too well, especially when delivered in a harsh way, well, honestly, no matter how delivered. I recognize this so I decided to try to take criticism in and reflect on its validity. So, when I was twice randomly criticized last week, I took it in and didn’t sass back. I realized in both cases, valid points were made. I told them that they were right, thanked them for the feedback, and decided to work on not making that err again. I found both were surprised at my reaction and apologized for snapping at me. So, my ah-ha moment is,“You have the choice to look at criticism, no matter how received, as a gift to grow or a fight in the making.” My own quote, but it’s not a novel idea. Granted, there those in the world that bully for no reason, but I haven’t encountered that as much. More often I face already irritated people that I inadvertently set off by doing something stupid that I need to learn not to do.
  2. I passed a lengthy test (a GACE – Georgia Assessment for Educators) that certified me to teach general special education for grades K-12 earlier this week. I stayed home last year from my 12 years teaching elementary school and plan to do so next year to be with my boys and decrease stress in our family household. But, I decided to try to keep growing in my career. I also passed an ESOL test (English for Speakers of Other Languages) last year so I can teach English language learners in K-12 as well.
  3. I explored a new area of Georgia last Saturday…Serenbe in Palmetto, GA. It is such a cute little farm town and just a fun little day trip.
  4. I signed up to be a catechist (a Catholic teacher for weekly lessons on Christian principles). Oh Lordy, I haven’t even been going to church regularly. But, I make my older son do his weekly catechism classes and figured I’m driving there anyway, why not teach? I am grateful for the opportunity to become a better practicing Catholic, to influence young children positively, and to devote time to my relationship with God.
  5. I have a combined birthday party celebration on Friday to look forward to with my best friends. There are four of us with summer birthdays so we are (though I hate the expression) killing four birds with one stone. This way we don’t have to go out four times! Husband just asked kiddingly if this could count as our tenth anniversary celebration (which is next week). Uh…no!
  6. I am grateful to be coming up on my ten year anniversary of marriage to my husband and to be feeling very much in love with him. This is a good thing.
  7. I signed up to substitute teach next year. I am going to try to step out of my elementary school box and do a little middle and high school to see how I like it. Also, I am going to try to sub in the areas I have recently specialized in. I have the certification for these areas, just not the experience or confidence. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore other options in my career later in life to see if other shoes may fit, too.
  8. I am grateful for the random thought of creating a blog last March being pursued. It enables me to write and reflect on life…I love that. I also love reading other blogs and seeing growth, creativity, and getting to read about the eclectic topics that interest me from passionate bloggers.
  9. I am grateful for my precious sons. They raise me as a parent, rather than me raising them. By the way, that thought is not original, passing it on from bloggers 4 Mothers, a great blog for parents by the way.
  10. I am grateful for the things I take for granted…my health, my family united, my home, my husband and his ability to provide for us, food on my table, great friends, natural beauty found in the outdoors,  and to discover what this day and the future ahead holds.

What are you most grateful for today?