Starting a Family Blog: Getting Family Photos Organized!

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I am a disorganized mess when it comes to family photos! After my oldest was born (now seven) and in his first few years, I cranked out the Shutterfly albums and one cute scrapbook for him. Scrapbooking, I discovered, is not my thing. I have yet to compete an album for my youngest and he’s is four. I have countless photos on SD cards and on my computer, but not in any organized fashion. I need to get it together!

A mom friend last night told me she has a family blog. She created it to keep her family up to date and it saves her phone time. Also, she uses blog2print to print her blog and has a ready-made album complete with her fresh thoughts at the time of the event. This is brilliant!

So, I am on a quest to start a new blog solely with the intent of turning out albums for our family. I still have some work to do in getting organized on my computer and getting a system in place, but right now I’m on a mission to begin our family blog. Beth Dahleen is for me to express myself and write what I’m interested in, but our family blog will for the purpose of saving memories and creating albums for my family.

How do you keep your photos in some semblance of order?

photo credit: LilyWhitesParty via photopin cc