Taking Stock 02

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Making: A craft for my son’s school auction, a chicken wire memo board. I bought craft wood circles for students to make self portraits on, then we’ll glue gun each circle onto a clothespin. I think it’s going to be cute! Here it is in progress.
Cooking: Grilled chicken with this awesome marinade passed on from my BFF Allison. The marinade is great brushed on salmon as well and I bet it’d be good on pork. Two ingredients: a 21 oz bottle of Trader Joe’s Soyaki and a 15 oz jar of Apricot Preserves. So good! And easy!
Drinking: Chilled water from this set of water bottles. I try to keep the tray stocked best I can and wash them top rack of my dishwasher.
Reading: I am disappointed to say I am not currently reading anything! But, I started The Fault In Our Stars by John Green a few weeks ago, just got the Kindle sample and have been meaning to buy the book because it is really endearing and witty.
Wanting: A denim shirt…saw this one at Charming Charlie and like it a lot—runs a touch small so I’ll get a size up. It is soft and has snap buttons.
Playing: On Pandora, I have an Imagine Dragons station and the songs coming up are pretty cool.
Wasting: Fruits and vegetables! I just tossed a bunch that went bad. That tells me I’m not eating them enough. I have been eating an apple a day and making smoothies with frozen fruit, coconut water and vanilla Greek yogurt, but I haven’t been eating my veggies! Got to get in some greens!
Wishing: The friends and family of September 11th victims peace and love. I remember that day vividly. I was long distance dating my now husband. He was flying back to his home, Georgia, from California where I lived at the time. I knew he wasn’t near New York or D.C., but the idea of him being in air was unsettling on top of the sheer shock and horror of the devastation that occurred that day.
Enjoying: Publix Premium Cool Mint Cookie Frozen Yogurt…my friend Katie introduced me to it over the summer. It was so refreshing enjoying it from a sugar cone on a hot summer day by the pool. But, ever since it has been a “staple” on my grocery list!
Waiting: For hubby to get home Friday from being out of town this week for work.
Liking: This pink sheer lipstick from Flower, in Lacy Laurel, it’s the perfect shade of pink. A Pretty Penny Blog recommended Dewy Rose for an everyday bold lip, but alas I tried it and I don’t like red on me. I’m blond and prefer a more natural, subtle look, but I love it on her and brunettes or Gwen Stefani-bold blonds.
Wondering: If it’s time to plan a Disneyworld trip. When we go I want to make it special. I just love all the cute videos surprising kids about going to Disney like this one. We have been, but at ages one and three, now at four and seven my sons would really enjoy it.
Loving: That my sons are becoming good swimmers. My four year-old is swimming independently and my seven year-old is doing laps and knows all his strokes. Hanging out at the pool all summer and doing swim team paid off!
Marveling: At how easy it is to fall out of a workout routine! Boo! I had pink eye last week and up until today had a sore throat and was sucking on lozenges, but feel better now. I will start with a run on my trail tomorrow morning, even if I walk some—it’s getting back out there…just put it on my calendar to solidify the plan.
Needing: To stop trying to fix things that don’t need fixing, to let things go and focus on what matters.
Smelling:  Apples and pumpkin…Fall around the corner! Just sampled some pumpkin butter and apple picking has begun at our local orchards.
Wearing: Black capri pants, a White House black market top and sandals I picked up on sale at Charming Charlie last month.
Knowing: Hmmm…I should really wash my hands more and not touch my eyes unless hands are freshly washed. Pink eye was a bummer and they say flu season is around the corner. Boo!
Thinking: I need to do something romantic for my husband…romance seems to have fallen off the radar a bit.
Opening: Bags from a Trader Joe’s shopping trip, love that store…I make the just over 30 minutes drive to shop there every so often and always find it worth the trip.
Giggling: At this sweet dad dancing with his daughter.
Feeling: Grateful to be a stay at home mom in this moment. My youngest was home sick today, I had pink eye last week and Youngest had it the week before. Working parents are super heroes. I know we stay at home moms work hard, too, but balancing work/home life is an art, especially when someone gets sick. I don’t take for granted that I can be at home right now.