OOTD: Dressed-Up Denim Shirt

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Outfit of the day: denim shirt (Walmart, in stores only, $13.94, 100% cotton, soft and lightweight) and White House Black Market black pants. Dark denim jeans with the light denim top would be the likelier pairing–casual with casual. But, I went for the black dress pants so I could look a little dressier. I mean look at this cover look–that’s not casual with casual.


I am not opposed to getting things at Walmart, Target or inexpensive stores if it’s a trend and I’m not sure how committed I am to it. But, when it comes to pants I want a really nice fit that will work for the long haul. Pairing something inexpensive with something of more value works for me. I am still learning to shop like a grown-up (oh dear, I’m 41!). Keira of A Pretty Penny Blog has her own My Grown-up Lady Shopping Rules if you are still learning, too.

I don’t buy a lot of fashion jewelry, but I like a few bright pieces to add a pop of color. My local little boutique has such cute fashion jewelry. I shop for it there as well as at Charming Charlie. I think it’s important to support local “mom and pop” stores. The sign on my favorite local boutiques says, “Shop small, y’all!”