Taking Stock 03

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Making: Just made a super, simple burlap wreath with a wire wreath form, some red burlap on sale (kind of wish I had gone with the regular brown burlap), and floral wire. Total about $10.
Cooking: Easy three step roasted butternut squash.
1. Peel and chop butternut squash in one inch cubes.
2. Toss in a bowl with olive oil to lightly coat, a dollop of minced garlic (or chopped fresh), salt and pepper, and a light dust of cinnamon.
3. Cook at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Here is a more precise recipe.
Drinking: Cheap red wine, Oak Leaf from Walmart. It’s about $3 a bottle. I know, I’m sooo classy.
Reading: Still not getting in my reading time! I’ve been turning on the T.V. and watching re-runs on Modern Family lately.
Wanting: A white button-up oxford shirt like this one from American Eagle Outfitters.
Playing:  I’ve Got the Magic in Me by B.o.B. and Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off is just fun.  Wasting: Time…I seem to be barely on time or just slightly late…like a couple minutes late. I blogged about this problem a few months back and here it is again. My current aim is not only to be on time, but to leave about a seven minute cushion.
Wishing:  I’d get to something on my bucket list.
Enjoying: My beautiful mums!
Waiting: For a class to begin early next month that I’m curious and looking forward to called Walking with Purpose.  I am getting more involved in my church lately. I’ve been more proud to be a Catholic because of Pope Francis and his more accepting attitude towards gays, divorcees, and such. I ♥ him.
Liking: This feature to find your iphone from iCloud. It’s so cool. If you can’t find your phone in your house, it makes it beep loudly. If you’ve lost it, it shows you on a map where it is, down to the exact address.
Wondering: What my husband is doing right now while at work in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Hoping he takes time to get his toes in the sand and enjoy the view/ sounds of the ocean.
Loving: My new canvas print of this white horse called Looking Back by Albena Hristova.
Marveling: At how good I feel after a workout and how much I drag my feet to go! Needing: To clearly define my budget. I know the regular bills, but not the fluctuating bills like groceries, entertainment, etc. I want to be clearer about my spending habits. I aim to schedule a monthly budget analysis with myself.
Smelling:   Chlorine. My boys and I spend a lot of time at the pool.
Wearing: Workout wear. Went to Zumba today. Instead of looking sexy and like I know what I’m doing, my hips don’t lie—I look like a dork! I’m better at the more workout-like classes. I’m not so sure Zumba is for me, but I haven’t ruled it out just yet.
Knowing: I shouldn’t have eaten all my boys’ leftover fries at Chic-Fil-A tonight!
I am afraid of doing the hot air balloon ride on my bucket list.  I don’t wanna die. I’m going to take it off. I admit it—I fear dying. It looks so magical and romantic, but there have been a few freakish incidents were people have died on hot air balloons.
Opening: The mailbox to find postcards from my Dad. He always sends them when he travels and I always enjoy getting them.
Giggling: At the joke my seven year old son and I heard today:
     Knock, knock

Who’s there?
Interrupting cow.

Feeling: Scatterbrained this week! Better today. All about time management and planning for my ADD brain.