Interesting Imperfections

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Life is not perfect
Not meant to be so
Yet I have always shuttered
When something perfect
Becomes flawed
Sets with one piece
Mysteriously missing
That stubborn stain
On the carpet
A mat has been placed over
Scratches on the hardwood
By my much loved lab
That scrape on my car
Haplessly made
A favorite blouse caught
On the doorknob and torn
Now mended and barely noticeable
But I see it
I used to want to rid myself
Of my own born imperfections
The slight bump on my nose
The little brown speck in the white of my eye
And the ones that have come with age
The laugh lines and crinkles
Around my mouth and eyes
Maybe some things can be changed
By replacing them
Or taking them into “the shop”
Maybe some things can be helped
Mending the blouse
Healthy living
Wearing moisturizer
But everything wears
Everything ages
I have got to be okay
With life
And its imperfections
I will still try
To make it beautiful
But no matter how hard I try
It will get messy
And that is okay
That is what makes it real
Always keeping  life