I Did Not Vote Yesterday

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I did not vote yesterday. At first I didn’t think I could vote because I moved and didn’t do a change of address by the deadline. At the last minute I discovered I could show up at my polling station with my license and vote since I moved within the same county. I had care for my sons arranged and drove to my polling station. I sat in my parked car and did some last minute research while eying the clock. Then, I felt like I was doing something wrong.

I decided not vote because I didn’t do my homework. I should have known what was on that ballot beforehand and understood each candidate’s stance. I felt I did not deserve to vote.

I have always been a particular party and voted that party down the line which is fine; I find myself usually agreeing with that party. But, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do to just vote party line. I will do my civic duty next time. But, I will put it on my calendar and take some time to reflect on what I think is best prior to showing up. It is not enough to show up. I have got to do my homework.