About My Beds

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New sheet sets for each of the family beds arrived today. I bought them from an acquaintance as part of her daughter’s cheerleading fundraiser. She had me at wrinkle-free, 1500 thread count, and $35 per set. I usually go colors, but this time I went all white for our king bed and my sons’ queen and full beds. So, I don’t go crazy deciphering which is which, with needle and thread I put K, Q, and F on each of ours in the right-hand corners. Why the companies don’t do this is beyond me! I use quilts for my boys. I got set A and B at Target and I’m very pleased how they hold up in the wash. For my husband and I, we like a duvet over a down comforter–both are old. I use duvet clips from Bed, Bath, and Beyond so the darn thing stays in place. I use waterproof, fitted mattress protectors for my boys from Walmart. I think we hit the homestretch with bedwetting! Fun, fun! Now, if I could only get my boys to make their beds!