My Four-Year-Old Needs An Exorcism

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I had a tough morning today with my four-year-old. Up until about two and a half years old my second born was an angel. He was easy, independent, a great eater and self-soothed. Since then I seriously think the devil has taken residence in that adorable blond-haired, blue-eyed body. Sometimes I think God made him so impossibly cute so I’d forgive. I am a patient woman. I have a master’s and a specialist degree in early childhood education. But I must suck at behavior management and modification because in the last two years I have not successfully reigned in his temper and willful, stubborn behavior.

I love this child 100% with every ounce of me. But, he both depletes me and fuels me every day. He depletes me with his demon-like defiance and fills me with his innocent, unconditional love. I went through this frustration with my now seven year old at this age, but his behavior was lightweight compared to my four-year-old who has had made the varsity, heavyweight team of “how to challenge and frustrate parents.”

My goal is to keep consistent and channel his stubbornness in a positive light–perhaps later it will be seen as determination and perseverance. A dear friend recommended two books that might help me with my parenting challenges: Raising Your Spirited Child and Prayer Warrior Mom. I plan to start reading the first this weekend!