Halleluiah! Gratitude List

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It’s that time of the year to be thankful. I one blessed piggy, so I am so I’m making a list. I am grateful for..

  1. My health. I have been very sick with flu-like symptoms the last two days. I was miserable, but I’m on the mend and feeling almost back to myself.
  2. My husband. He stepped up and was my rock the last couple of days. He got up early to get the boys ready and drop them off at school. He let me rest and picked up my slack.
  3. My recommitment to my church and my faith. I’ve been doing three things each week to commit to my faith: teaching catechism (Catholic lessons), going to mass, and going to women’s scripture-based class. All three have really been uplifting experiences and I feel happy with this commitment. The class will end, but I hope to commit to teaching catechism and going mass for the long haul.
  4. My fitness plan. I have a routine of workout classes I have committed to going to at my gym, not every day, but there are two I never miss each week. I know at that time I just go. I had to miss this week as I’ve been sick, but I love this routine and I’m getting right back into it.
  5. My youngest son’s behavior plan is working. This is my current greatest halleluiah! My husband and I have been thinking our four-year-old son has needed some sort of medical intervention as he has had intense angry outbursts multiple times daily over the minutest things. For example, a tantrum may ensue if we button up his shirt and he wanted it unbuttoned or cut his pancake and he wanted it whole. Forget the fact that we can unbutton that shirt or give him a new pancake–nothing can stop it. Well, apparently a behavior plan can. We started a simple handwritten behavior plan on the fridge with two simple goals
    1. Listen to and obey parents and teachers. 2. Do not get angry over small things. He gets stars any time we feel he has been good. Ten stars get him a small reward of an app, a trip to the dollar store, a dollar earned, or a trip to the yogurt shop…we’ll think of other things as we go. An angry outburst has consequences, too. We take away toys with outbursts and he has to earn them back with stars.
  6. My oldest son has become quite the reader. In the last few weeks my seven-year-old has really gotten into reading. He is into Geronimo Stilton books. He finishes a book a day and his vocabulary is really growing. I love that he curls up on the couch with a blanket and just reads. It warms my heart that each week he reminds me to go to the library to stock up on new books.
  7. Thanksgiving week off next week. I’m a stay at home mom. Most wouldn’t think I would enjoy a week of, but I do just as much as working moms (well, maybe not quite as much!). I still get up at 6am to get my kids fed and oldest has to get to the bus stop before 7am. I still have to drive my youngest to school and pick him up. I still have the afterschool activities routine and my oldest has homework for school, piano, and his catechism class. All of that will be on break next week. We will get to sleep in a bit and have lazy mornings. We will get to decorate the home for our family and friends coming to our house celebrate Thanksgiving. We are going to Stone Mountain Christmas and the Macy’s Pink Pig here in the Atlanta area and I plan to take the boys ice skating at a new rink at the Avalon for the first time. We will pick out of Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait!
  8. My parents. They visited recently for three weeks and it was a really wonderful visit. No fighting! Yay! We had a great time and they left right before our cold spell while we still had wonderful weather for outdoorsy activities. I am grateful that they really love and enjoy my sons, their grandchildren. My mom and I have always bickered a lot. But for some reason this time, I really felt that despite our recurring spats; she loves me. If I can remember that—I can do my part better to avoid the tiffs.
  9. Horseback riding. I went horseback riding recently at a local place called Flowered Rock Farm. It was more like a saunter, but it was a lovely experience and I really enjoyed it. Horses are the most beautiful animals.
  10. Having enough. We have all we need and more. We are not struggling. I am working toward being more generous. I committed to tithing more at my church. I am less focused on buying all kinds of gifts for my kids. Yes—Santa will come this year for them. But, Santa is not going to overdo or stress out about making it spectacular. Just a couple big, special gifts and small ones to fill up stockings and under the tree. I want my kids to see Christmas as a loving time with family and friends, a time to be generous to those without enough, and most of all a time celebrate the birth of Jesus. I plan to get them each a religious gift—like a rosary or a crucifix or a nativity scene for kids that they can play with. I want to remind them of the reason for the season.

What are you grateful for this week before Thanksgiving?