Seasons of Life

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Seasons of Life

There are seasons of life
When we play
Endowed the luxury
Of open windows of time
Blank spots on the calendar
Frivolous, fun hobbies
Late nights out carousing.

There are seasons of life
When we work
Entrusted with responsibilities
Appointment-full calendars
Eye on the clock
Showing up prepared
To do the job.

There are seasons of life
When we give
Most of ourselves
To our young children
Dependent on us
Our play and work
For our family to thrive
Not just ourselves.

There are busier seasons in life
For the new parents
Enduring sleep-deprived nights
For the accountant
Finishing by Tax Day’s deadline
For the salesperson
Meeting an end of quarter quota
For the teacher
At the close of a grading period.

There are carefree seasons in life
Single life
Summer and winter vacations

In every season of life
We are called to be stewards
Grateful for life’s gifts
Generous with our God-given
Time, talents, and treasures
Planning and understanding
That the seasons will change
Ebb and flow.

If your season is busy
Embrace the work
If your season is carefree
Relish the play
And brace yourself
For the next season.