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Parent Rulz Based on Lots of Flops

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I’ve got a long way to go in parenting my boys as they are only four and seven. But, here are a dirty dozen set of rules I’ve come to so far: When taking your children out on a bike ride or any outdoors adventure if you live in the… Read more »

Taking Stock 03

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Making: Just made a super, simple burlap wreath with a wire wreath form, some red burlap on sale (kind of wish I had gone with the regular brown burlap), and floral wire. Total about $10. Cooking: Easy three step roasted butternut squash. 1. Peel and chop butternut squash in one… Read more »

Donuts for Two

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Indulging in donuts At a mom and pop shop this morn Just my son and me Time with one child Treasured When I have just one To talk to Listen to Hear me Only We feel that bond That love grow strong I suppose the same is true With my… Read more »

I Broke My Son

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My son broke his arm… My sweet, smart, loving, almost seven year old son broke his arm. He has a fracture and needs a cast for three weeks. I have had a hard time with my son being so uninterested in sports. My dad keeps telling me that he is still… Read more »

Raising Polite, Helpful Kids

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I love my boys and I am trying to raise them to be polite, helpful kids. Earlier today I had a couple of boys over for a play-date with my sons. The guests were seven and ten years old. The seven year old guest really stood out. He was so… Read more »

A Mother’s Bedtime Story

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A tired mother longs for rest Her husband long boarded his flight For his workweek away The laundry is clean Dishwasher emptied Pans from dinner washed Children bathed She sips wine As she manages their bickering Their teeth brushed And flossed Their pajamas on They, playful and silly She, exasperated… Read more »

Summertime Parenting and Making House Rules

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Today this stay-at-home mom was thinking, do my kids know our house rules?  In my efforts lately to be a solid disciplinarian for my almost seven and four year old, it occurred to me that maybe I should check. So, I asked them, “What are our house rules?” “I don’t know,” replied… Read more »

Evaluating My Parenting Style, Part II

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I implemented a more structured time out with my four year old. I used to just send him to his room or he’d storm off screaming to his room knowing he’d be sent there. Then he’d come down when he was ready to apologize, however long that took. He was… Read more »

Evaluating My Parenting Style

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I just came back from a wonderful weekend getaway with my family and two other families. All of us stayed together in a cabin with our kids, five children from about age seven to two years old. Mostly, we just had a great time. But, my child’s anger management issues… Read more »

Opening up about the tougher parenting days

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Today I ran into a mom at my local grocery store who candidly shared a lousy morning with her kids and the challenges in parenting her individual kids. We casually know one another as our kids go to the same schools.Her start to the day and working through challenging behaviors… Read more »