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Seasons of Life

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There are seasons of life When we play Endowed the luxury Of open windows of time Blank spots on the calendar Frivolous, fun hobbies Late nights out carousing. There are seasons of life When we work Entrusted with responsibilities Appointment-full calendars Eye on the clock Showing up prepared To do… Read more »

Prayers for Joy

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Joy Cheerful, faithful Engaging, loving, welcoming Unity, generosity, isolation, hardship Withdrawing, abusing, abandoning Heartbreaking, miserable Sorrow I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and friends, full of joy. But, today I am thinking of the lost. Today I lift up those in sorrow and those at the grips… Read more »

Encourage Me

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Encouragement Has such worth Priceless value To the worker-bee Going about The daily grind Trying to be all Good things Spouse Parent Son or daughter Just a participant In life Words of critique Or no words Wound the soul Lift up Praise good Build better beings Instead of crushing The… Read more »

Interesting Imperfections

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Life is not perfect Not meant to be so Yet I have always shuttered When something perfect Becomes flawed Sets with one piece Mysteriously missing That stubborn stain On the carpet A mat has been placed over Scratches on the hardwood By my much loved lab That scrape on my… Read more »

If Life is a Rainbow

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If life is a rainbow Then today I am blue Not clear, sky blue Without a cloud in sight But dark, brooding blue On a gray, gloomy day Just the other day I was appealing, cheery yellow Life holds many hues Let me be This moody blue today For I… Read more »

Angel Oak

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A single, chosen acorn Simple, ordinary As trifling a thing As dirt or a pebble Plucked by a blue jay Carried and buried On an early autumn morn Sprouting in winter’s chill A spring seedling arises With flourishing flushes of leaves Still seemingly simple, ordinary Feeble and vulnerable A young oak… Read more »

Where the Labyrinth Leads

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I discovered were all roads Of the labyrinth lead Some have just one way in But in this one There are many entrances I chose one path Without much Deliberation Others journeyed another route We thought we were In a maze The paths were slow And winded us back out… Read more »

Bonding with Bonchinche

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Bonding with bonchinche A pastime unnecessary Rumors And juicy personal tidbits About private affairs Revealing all As a witness To mistakes and misfortune No inner circle too sacred Then she and she Provide links in the chain Spreading the gossip train For what A reaction? A connection? To be the… Read more »

The Art of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness Not a simple task A true test For bonds meant to last Family Mother, father Husband, wife, baby Sister and brother Break away or be the glue Choose reconciliation Begin anew Despite all said and done Let yourself forgive And in your heart Where pain may still live Hit… Read more »

Big City Chance

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Morning hour The city awakens My sights set to the sky As the scrapers tower Over me I look stories up Breathing in mantras Not allowing The steely structures To intimidate me Got my new suit on Advice echoes Through my mind Give a firm handshake But not too firm… Read more »