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Tallahassee Oaks

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The grandiose oaks Of Tallahassee Tall, wide-stretching branches Dripping with wisps Of Spanish moss Cascading canopies Over sleepy, hilly roads A single oak Evergreen In a lush country pasture Bids Florida’s capital adieu Georgia greets The official home Of the Southern Live Oaks Yet her veils of Spanish moss Were… Read more »

Poolside by the Bay

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My love, the ocean You have a rival The bay Calm and still Serene waters The ocean Loud and roaring Waves pummel to the shore Both soothe me Bliss-inducing bodies of water Rides on a rented SUP Stand up paddle boarding On the rush of each ocean wave Or paddling… Read more »


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Beth Dahleen: Ms. Wong’s poetry is just gorgeous!!! Originally posted on redgladiola: Proud peacock with tail fanned bright A jeweled iridescence in the light He struts and calls like a warrior to war Plumed helmet ready for a clash and soar Against rival swains and youthful knights He’ll win his… Read more »

Where the Robin Rests

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Your green, luscious garden Welcomed me I fear not For you care for little birds Like me The sculpture placed just beneath Your shady plum tree Offers the perfect place For me to perch I watch you work diligently Digging and planting in your rich soil Trimming your lovely trees… Read more »

A Mother’s Bedtime Story

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A tired mother longs for rest Her husband long boarded his flight For his workweek away The laundry is clean Dishwasher emptied Pans from dinner washed Children bathed She sips wine As she manages their bickering Their teeth brushed And flossed Their pajamas on They, playful and silly She, exasperated… Read more »

Enough Already

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Enough Procrastination Plan it Commit Sign on the dotted line Do the work No time, you say? Organize life Around making the time Twenty-four hours Holds each day Sixteen wake hours Eight for sleep or less Should passion and drive Fuel you Manage the hours Enough Dreaming Make the vision… Read more »

Daughter Dreaming

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Approaching 41 With two happy, healthy sons Yet, I ponder, could she be my last one? Time, at last, carved out for me For balance, creativity I am contemplating my own life, finally. That little girl may never come to be My heart sings with gratitude for my sons Still,… Read more »

The Ocean’s Calling

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I welcome you to my aqua waters Come, sit at my coastline Sink your toes into my sandy beaches You have coveted oceanfront seating Mother Nature has painted gloriously The skies are a clear, complementary blue To the many shades I can show you Listen to my waves wafting As… Read more »

Writing Poems for Loved Ones

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I decided to do something for my friends and family on their birthdays or special days: write them a poem that is uniquely them. I’ve only done two so far. One for a February friend and one today for a June friend. It is fun thinking about one individual person and… Read more »

Stand Tall, Stand Strong, Unapologetically

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I am short Five three to be exact But I stand tall I am kind That is important to me But I stand strong I am accepting Whatever your race, gender, culture, beliefs may be If it is kind Be it unapologetically But, do not try to make me small… Read more »