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A Mother’s Wish

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Be proud my sweet children I don’t want to hear you say I can’t I am not this or that Please, never voice You are not enough You are Enough By being You By being Born You are so young So pure and impressionable Be careful what you say Because… Read more »

A Hippie Heart

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I have a hippie heart I was not born in the sixties Never listened to The Grateful Dead Not much for drug-induced stupor But I want peace Love And equality I do like Janis Joplin And would run through A field of daisies I would love to go on silent… Read more »

Lady with the Lovely Garden

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Lady with the lovely garden Across the street from me You have charmed me I wonder what stories The soft lines on your face could tell You smile at me as I walk by I wonder whether you are lonely Living alone Do you miss your love lost? I love… Read more »

Lady with the Lovely Garden, Part II

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To the mysterious woman Across the street from me I walked by your home today You may not be The dainty, little lady Behind the white hair And gentle lines I imagine You to be I saw a colorful flag In your driveway “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” It celebrates I… Read more »

Happy Birthday, America! Home Sweet Home!

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Happy birthday of independence, America! Home, sweet home I take great pride in being American A citizen of these United States There are the stereotypes, good and bad Yet, undeniably This is a land beauty and opportunity America raises you up I have loved living and visiting abroad Despite the charm… Read more »

JLo Envy

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I want to be a JLo in my next life I can’t roll my Rs I speak Spanish But, I sound like a gringa I can’t whistle You know, the kind of whistle Two fingers in your mouth Loud and commanding I bet JLo can do that I can’t sing… Read more »

Adiós Cara de Piña

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There once was an hombre, a dictator from Panama City Whose nickname was Pineapple Face on account of his scars from once being rather zitty Damned be the drug dealers and traffickers who entered this arena for shady money For he and only he did the dirty work, laundering and… Read more »

Thirsty in Georgia

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Y’all it’s hot I’m parched and fixin’ To pour me A tall, ice-cold glass Of sweet tea Want one, dear? Bless your heart Of course you do Hon, you might could Slice us up some lemons I’ll get the ice Perfect Let’s grab the pitcher To share while I rest… Read more »

Good Morning, Georgia

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Soft, southern morning song Stillness, solitude Oaks mirrored on calm waters Birds chatter A chirp, a caw, a honk Geese drift Just my lab and me We run, we jog, we walk No competition Just taking in nature’s poetry.

Simple Fun

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Play Dive in Brave it Geronimo! Swim Splash Slide down Swing high Get dirty Build Create Paddle Pedal Run Throw Catch Kick Dance Whee! Laugh Smile Have fun!