My Husband is a Super Hero

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He’s Handy Shhh…Don’t tell him I wrote this, but my husband is a rock star. He can fix anything. I don’t need a handyman ever. Air conditioner is broken; he’ll fix it and then fix the neighbor’s AC, too. Have a plumbing leak? He’ll fix it and patch and paint so… Read more »

Relax and Breathe

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I forget to breathe sometimes. When I feel like I’m rushed or I’m nervous, I hold my breath. I do it a lot and it doesn’t feel good. Now that I’ve noticed that I do this, I am trying to remember to relax and take deep breaths when I get… Read more »

Letters to My Sons

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To my dear 6 1/2 year old son, I want you to believe in yourself and never to sell yourself short. I want you to keep your silly, goofy, jokester side, but know when it is time to be serious. Sometimes you have a hard time turning off the sillies…. Read more »

Politics and Facebook

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Some of my Facebook friends are really getting political in their FB posts. What is the goal with all these posts? Is it to inform, to educate, to retaliate? Religion and politics are touchy subjects and can alienate people passionate about their beliefs, but we have to be empathic and realize,… Read more »

Weekday Mornings with Kids

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Mom’s weekday morning bustle Irritable, impatient, Encouraging, nagging, reprimanding Breakfast, teeth, shoes, and backpack Departing, worrying, longing Quiet, peaceful Mom’s weekday morning serenity I wrote a diamanté this morning to express how this and many mornings feel! My boys are newly four and six and a half. I still haven’t… Read more »

Ten Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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I’m on a quest for long, thick, shiny, beautiful healthy hair. I want my hair to grow quickly, thick and healthy. Who doesn’t?! I have compiled a list of my top ten things that I have been doing the last few weeks or plan to do. It’s working already! I… Read more »