Interesting Imperfections

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Life is not perfect Not meant to be so Yet I have always shuttered When something perfect Becomes flawed Sets with one piece Mysteriously missing That stubborn stain On the carpet A mat has been placed over Scratches on the hardwood By my much loved lab That scrape on my… Read more »

OOTD: My Fall Attire: The Uniform

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I’m into uniforms; it keeps it simple. My fall uniform is: jeggings, a longer blouse or sweater, and moccasins or boots. Blouse: I got this blouse in early summer from Francesca’s; it’s not there now, but they have so many cute tops. Jeggings: I already had these, but these inexpensive ones from… Read more »

If Life is a Rainbow

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If life is a rainbow Then today I am blue Not clear, sky blue Without a cloud in sight But dark, brooding blue On a gray, gloomy day Just the other day I was appealing, cheery yellow Life holds many hues Let me be This moody blue today For I… Read more »

Parent Rulz Based on Lots of Flops

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I’ve got a long way to go in parenting my boys as they are only four and seven. But, here are a dirty dozen set of rules I’ve come to so far: When taking your children out on a bike ride or any outdoors adventure if you live in the… Read more »

Taking Stock 03

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Making: Just made a super, simple burlap wreath with a wire wreath form, some red burlap on sale (kind of wish I had gone with the regular brown burlap), and floral wire. Total about $10. Cooking: Easy three step roasted butternut squash. 1. Peel and chop butternut squash in one… Read more »

OOTD: Dressed-Up Denim Shirt

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14 Outfit of the day: denim shirt (Walmart, in stores only, $13.94, 100% cotton, soft and lightweight) and White House Black Market black pants. Dark denim jeans with the light denim top would be the likelier pairing–casual with casual. But, I went for the black dress pants so I could look a little dressier. I… Read more »

Taking Stock 02

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Making: A craft for my son’s school auction, a chicken wire memo board. I bought craft wood circles for students to make self portraits on, then we’ll glue gun each circle onto a clothespin. I think it’s going to be cute! Here it is in progress. Cooking: Grilled chicken with this awesome… Read more »

Angel Oak

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A single, chosen acorn Simple, ordinary As trifling a thing As dirt or a pebble Plucked by a blue jay Carried and buried On an early autumn morn Sprouting in winter’s chill A spring seedling arises With flourishing flushes of leaves Still seemingly simple, ordinary Feeble and vulnerable A young oak… Read more »

Taking Stock 01

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Making: Banana bread with this recipe.  Cooking: Uninspired! Warmed Morningstar “chicken” nuggets  for the kids and me tonight with green beans. Threw leftover cheese tortellini on the plate from last night for good measure. Drinking: Hot peppermint tea at the moment. Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See Wanting: A pair of classic… Read more »

Starting a Family Blog: Getting Family Photos Organized!

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I am a disorganized mess when it comes to family photos! After my oldest was born (now seven) and in his first few years, I cranked out the Shutterfly albums and one cute scrapbook for him. Scrapbooking, I discovered, is not my thing. I have yet to compete an album for my youngest and he’s is four…. Read more »