The Art of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness Not a simple task A true test For bonds meant to last Family Mother, father Husband, wife, baby Sister and brother Break away or be the glue Choose reconciliation Begin anew Despite all said and done Let yourself forgive And in your heart Where pain may still live Hit… Read more »

Family Funnies

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Two of this week’s funniest moments from my house to yours: #1 Grumpy Husband My husband was grumpy almost all day the other day! The boys and I were feeling tense in his presence. He came downstairs all dramatic saying that it was the worst day ever and ticked off… Read more »

Big City Chance

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Morning hour The city awakens My sights set to the sky As the scrapers tower Over me I look stories up Breathing in mantras Not allowing The steely structures To intimidate me Got my new suit on Advice echoes Through my mind Give a firm handshake But not too firm… Read more »

Tallahassee Oaks

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The grandiose oaks Of Tallahassee Tall, wide-stretching branches Dripping with wisps Of Spanish moss Cascading canopies Over sleepy, hilly roads A single oak Evergreen In a lush country pasture Bids Florida’s capital adieu Georgia greets The official home Of the Southern Live Oaks Yet her veils of Spanish moss Were… Read more »

Poolside by the Bay

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My love, the ocean You have a rival The bay Calm and still Serene waters The ocean Loud and roaring Waves pummel to the shore Both soothe me Bliss-inducing bodies of water Rides on a rented SUP Stand up paddle boarding On the rush of each ocean wave Or paddling… Read more »


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Beth Dahleen: Ms. Wong’s poetry is just gorgeous!!! Originally posted on redgladiola: Proud peacock with tail fanned bright A jeweled iridescence in the light He struts and calls like a warrior to war Plumed helmet ready for a clash and soar Against rival swains and youthful knights He’ll win his… Read more »

OOTD: Black Knit Jumpsuit

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This is my very first Outfit Of The Day. I may try to do these now and then! I like this jumper because it feels like PJs, is easy to get on and off, and it fits my short 5’3″ height. It’s from Styles for Less at $22.99.

Donuts for Two

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Indulging in donuts At a mom and pop shop this morn Just my son and me Time with one child Treasured When I have just one To talk to Listen to Hear me Only We feel that bond That love grow strong I suppose the same is true With my… Read more »

Where the Robin Rests

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Your green, luscious garden Welcomed me I fear not For you care for little birds Like me The sculpture placed just beneath Your shady plum tree Offers the perfect place For me to perch I watch you work diligently Digging and planting in your rich soil Trimming your lovely trees… Read more »

So, You Want to Get Lucky? :)

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~Seneca I have been procrastinating on my big fish lately, you know, the important stuff. It’s so easy for me to stay busy with life and put the more meaty stuff that takes more focus on the back burner. I have a… Read more »